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Special Needs Kitties

we love our kitties

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This is a community for those of us who love and support special needs kitties. The special need could be an obese kittie, a kittie that people don't understand and or call mean, a hot tempered kittie, a kittie that runs into walls, really anything related to a special need. Love your special need kittie!
adult kitties, baby stew, batting, birds, blankets, carnivour kitties, catnip toys, chasing, chicken, claw sharpening, clean litter boxes, coral, eating, farting, food, friends, hands, humans that love kitties..., jodi, kittens, kitty fishing poles, leaves, lizzards, mentally challenged kitties, milk, modeling sessions, murrrrring, nap time, noo noo-ing, obese kitties, outside, paper, paw prints, pictures, playing, pooping, pouncing, purring, running water, smells, sneak time, snuggle time, special needs kitties, squirrels, stealth, string, teeth, temptations, tom cat-ing, trash cans, tuna, vegan kitties, warm beds, windows