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The saga of my short legged cat (cough) ferret...(cough)

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Jan. 5th, 2006 | 05:15 pm
posted by: illonadances in specialneedcats

Here are two cute pics of our little ferretas (also known as furry toes) playing in boxes. Ferrets LOVE boxes and bags, I think because they like to burrow and originally were kept to hunt rodents. He was given to us by Katherine, after he literally just wandered into her door one day. Poor little guy. I suspect his owners just 'let him loose' under the assumption that ferrets are 'wild animals' and can take care of themselves- whereas nothing is farther from the truth. When Tyson and I (ex fiancee) had ferrets, one escaped (they love to wander and don't understand concepts such as 'my territory'.) We found her two days later, huddled underneath the front porch, badly dehydrated and starving. Im glad our little furtoes found a good woman who knew what to do- call Eli and I! So here he is!

I have a feeling the old owners didn't want him because I put up signs EVERYWHERE and called every local vet, but noone recognized him. Oddly enough, he's really well trained. He NEVER bites- a rarity for ferrets. He's not the most sociable guy in the world, though. My old ferrets would come and snuggle after running around, whereas ferretas seems content just to run and 'bup' at us (they make a 'bup bup bup' sound when they're happy and they start bouncing on all four legs like they have pogo sticks attatched to them.) Some people call it a 'duk duk' sound- but it's definitely a bup. Sometimes we call him the 'Big Bupper'. Yeah- we're cheesy.

He is slowly coming to trust us, though- in the beginning, we couldn't hold him for more than 2 minutes, and now he can stay in our arms without squirming for about 10. Lots of treats are involved, of course! =) Anyhow, he's adorable. Here are two pics of ferretas- one in a Sam Adams box last night, and one in his favorite green crate that he likes to tease Zummi from! =) I'll cover Zummi's special needs in a later post, but he too has abandonment issues- probably because he was given up to the pound not once as a puppy but by two different families. How could they????

Cute ferret....err...short legged cat.

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