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Jan. 5th, 2006 | 06:32 am
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posted by: sea_star in specialneedcats

Hello everyone. My girlfriend and I started this community. My girlfriend, penciledinface, rescued a two day old kitten, about five years ago, from South Philly. She raised her, saved her from the ghetto where kids were using the poor kitty as a ball in a game of catch! Ghastly!

This kitty now goes by the name of Baby Stu, most of the time. She has a formal name, which we rarely use.

Baby Stu was the inspriation for starting this group, as she is what you call a special needs kitty.

We love special needs kitties, thus, this community was born!

Baby Stu is a wonderful creature of beauty, and this communtiy is a safe place to discuss, share, and explore the life of special needs kitties. Sometimes we need a place to know that we are not alone, and do not need to hide in the dark. Celebrate our special needs friends here, if you so desire, gentle reader........

Over time, much will be shared about the BabyStu, as well as your very own special needs cats/kittens.

For starters, she is a "tough" kitty, very gangster, mafia style. She is a "toothy" cat, if you know what I mean, but she just doesn't know!

I am getting ready to become her Mommy too. I can hardly wait.

I met her when I flew to Philadelphia with penciledinface in November, and I just love her, special needs and all. She's really just a lovey Lu on the inside.

Here is a picture of her, not the most flattering, but lovely non the less. By the way, BabyStu is a bit sensitive about her weight, so be gentle. Honest, but gentle.

She is a special needs kitty, and I am proud of her! Please enjoy this group. :)

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From: illonadances
Date: Jan. 6th, 2006 12:27 am (UTC)

Using her for a game of catch? ARGH! People who do that make me sick (mistreat their little ones in any way). I can't believe how thoughtless some people are. Then, I also can't watch animal police without getting really pissed off. Your kitty is precious! She's not fat. She's fluffy. And cute!

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